1 November


  • Shakira wins Ondas Award in Spain


2 November
  • The music video for Shakira's live performance of "Antes de las Seis" from her Live From Paris DVD was released.
  • The tracklist for Live from Paris was confirmed.


  • Shakira appears at Hotel W in Barcelona (Spain).


  • Shakira performs "La Pared" and "La Tortura" at the Latin Grammys *Shakira wins Song of the Year at the Latin Grammys.
  • Shakira wins Best Female Pop Vocal Album at the Latin Grammys
  • Shakira wins Album Of The Year at the Latin Grammys
  • Shakira wins Record of the Year at the Latin Grammys


  • Capital FM played Illegal for the first time
  • Shakira visits studios of Portuguese TV SIC and gives exclusive interview
  • Shakira calls in to WBLI radiostation from Portugal
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You keep it up now, unedrstnad? Really good to know.

You keep it up now, unedrstnad? Really good to know.

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